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P-16 Collaboration

In what can be defined as an innovative and bold move long overdue, WNY's educational leaders including but not limited to K-12 superintendents, curriculum developers, teachers, college presidents, chief academic officers, deans, chairs, professors, Erie I BOCES, the Board of Regents (Chancellor Emeritus Robert Bennett), and the Consortium leadership convened to discuss the alignment (or lack thereof) along the P-16 continuum.  The goal is to fix the "leaks" along the P-16 pipeline which is critical to area school districts, colleges and universities who are looking to improve student performance and college and career readiness.  Since the original Summit in October of 2011, a P-16 Steering Committee has been formed to discuss how to move forward over the next several years.  Task forces have been created along three tracks, 1) Common Core Standards in Math, Science, and ELA; 2) Teacher Education Programs; and 3) P-12 and Higher Education Partnerships.  Annual summits are planned to track progress and provide strategic insight and support to the work of the task forces.  Clearly the feedback from all involved suggests a cautious optimism for working together on finding a collective solution that works for all stakeholders along the P-16 continuum. 

The ultimate vision for this multi-year initiative is that we are all in this together.  We are fortunate to have a strong representation of K-12, college, and university educators who are equally committed to "fixing the leaks" along the P-16 continuum.  Through a spirit of strong collaboration and mutual respect, we all have high expectations for what our work can accomplish for WNY students, families, school districts, colleges, universities, employers, and the region as a whole. To volunteer with the P-16 Consortium, please email Jane Burzynski, Executive Director of the Erie County Association of School Boards

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 P-16 Organizational Documents

Upcoming Meetings

    • THURSDAY, November 29, 2012, Room B-2b
    • THURSDAY, January 17, 2013, Room B-2b
    • THURSDAY, February 7, 2013, Room A-3
    • THURSDAY, March 28, 2013, Room A-1

steering committee Meetings

P-16 consortium meetings

Task force chairs

Common Core Learning Standards and
College & Career Readiness
    • Dr. Christopher Holoman, Provost and Vice President of Student Affairs, Hilbert College, [email protected]
    • Anthony J. Day, Superintendent, Sweet Home School District, [email protected]
teacher Preparation Programs
P-12 and Higher education Partnerships

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