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Career Services: Every college and university has a career services office designed to help students from freshmen through senior year with planning for a successful career after graduation. It is highly recommended that you visit your career services office and find out what services they have to offer and what you as a freshman can do to develop your competitive skills and build a one-of-a-kind resume.  Click on College Career Centers for a list of campus offices.

  • What every high school student should know. If you are a current high school student, then there are things you should be doing each year to prepare yourself for going to college. is a web site with a wealth of resources to help you get started! In addition to, SUNY has a great resource for High School students and what they need to consider as they plan for college.
  • Choosing a Major : Do you know how many different occupations you have to choose from? The Department of Labor registers over 44,000 jobs. So, how would you learn about these jobs, and how would you know which one (or ones) of these tens-of-thousands of jobs are right for you anyway? Because majors often lead to select career opportunities, every student needs to select a major that most closely aligns with specific personal characteristics like interests, values, abilities, and the type of work environment you desire. Click on Career Assessment for assessments that will assist you with your choice!
  • Prepare for Success in College :  There is a saying that if you are not preparing for success, then you are preparing to fail. Click on Preparing for Success in College for some of the things you should consider as an incoming freshman through your senior year of college. Remember, while your classroom experience is critical, much of your development will happen outside of the classroom!  You can also check out Bye-Bye Birdies: Sending The Kids Away to College for advice on how to become a strong and independent college student!
  • Internships, Internships, Internships! Every college student should seriously consider internships as a critical component to their education.  In keeping with the idea that you are a consumer of your college education, you may be in a major that does not require an internship.  That should not matter.  When you are sitting in an interview and can reference your experience in an internship or, even better, multiple internships, you see just how valuable they are, regardless of whether or not you are "required" to have one!  Click on Internships to learn more about this educational strategy!
  • iSciWNY and the Life Sciences Industry :

    Did you know that the country's first cancer center is based right here in Buffalo? Or that the implantable pacemaker that has saved millions of lives was invented in North Tonawanda? Most people don't know what an important role Western New York - Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Alleghany, Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, Wyoming, Steuben, Monroe and Wayne counties - has played, and continues to play, in life sciences. Or just how many great jobs there are in this exciting and growing industry.

    That's where iSciWNY comes in. iSciWNY is your gateway to the life sciences industry in Western New York. The life sciences industry uses science and technology to make products and services that improve health and well-being - such as medical tests, devices, and drugs. Some products created right here in Western New York include: batteries for pacemakers, blood pressure cuffs, IV bags, temperature therapy systems, and surgical kits. The iSciWNY web site is a great resource for you! Through this program, you'll learn about Career Pathways, Places to Work, Career Preparation and much, much more!

  • High School and College Student STRESS! : Let's face it, high school and college can be stressful! However, did you know that stress can prevent you from learning? This is where Campus Calm comes in. This innovative web site is a great resource for students who feel like they are overwhelmed or who just want to make sure that they do not become overwhelmed. This web site will help you manage your stress! Campus Calm was created by Maria Pascucci, a national student leadership speaker, author and Western New York native.
  • Promoting Student Mental Health: If you are looking for expert advice and resources for understanding mental health issues, check out this Student Mental Health Awareness resource or the Student Guide to Surviving Stress and Anxiety in College & Beyond for more information!