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WNY Consortium of Higher Education

21 world class colleges and universities
200+ degree programs
119,155+ students

The WNY Consortium of Higher Education is committed to strengthening collaboration among its network of colleges and institutions, as well as forging partnerships with regional private and public sectors. Its efforts will enhance the experience of students and improve local communities by contributing significantly to the knowledge economy of the Buffalo region. To read the mission statement of the 21 college and universities click on Member Institutions Mission Statements.

WNY Consortium of Higher Education Priorities

  • Partnering with business community in order to advance regional economic growth through strategic planning, regional initiatives, and direct collaborations with WNY businesses;
    • Promoting innovative collaborative initiatives like cross registration, faculty development, and a centralized internship database between Consortium institutions through Inter-Institutional Collaborations like Faculty Development, Career Services, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Assessment in order to maximize resources and local expertise while better positioning WNY higher education for the future;
    • Attracting and engaging students to the communities in which they live through an innovative web site, Economic Development Portal, and strong collaborations between Career Services and the business community which promote internships, service learning, and volunteering experiences; and
    • Retaining students in the WNY region upon graduation by facilitating regional employment growth and placement as well as better preparing students for career paths, aligning graduates and available employment opportunities, and engaging community business leaders as WNY higher education addresses growth in strategic areas such as the life sciences, computer science, and financial industry.