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College Parents

This section is designed to provide you with information to support your child as he or she begins his or her college career.  It is important to continue to be a part of their lives and to assist your child with developing the skills and abilities to become an independent and successful individual, personally and professionally.  The following topics will offer you resources for this new chapter in your and your child's life.

  • Getting Ready: Help your high school student make smart choices now to start on an education and career track that are a match for your child's skills and preferences. Learn about all the options -- and how your child can achieve them at College Board.
  • Transitioning: This section reviews the issues around your child moving from dependent to independent and the role you can play to help and support them during this process.
  • Supporting from a Distance: When your child leaves your home and moves into a dorm room, your relationship and ability to support alters and your child as well as you, must adjust instantaneously!  
  • Supporting Your Commuter Student: A student who lives at home while attending college is a commuter student.  Unlike the immediate break between parent and child when a student lives on campus, you will find a much greater level of contact over your newly independent child, for better or worse.
  • Keys to Success: Learn how you can help your child succeed in college and some of the things they can do to ensure their success!

  • Bye-Bye Birdies: Sending The Kids Away to College: How parents can help their kids become strong and independent college students!

  • When to Step In and Who to Contact: You are still your child's parent and may find it necessary to intervene in their life, especially if you are concerned over their well being.  This section will assist you with making a good decision for yourself and your child.
  • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): Once your child turns 18, your ability to access information on them is limited by FERPA.  This section will explain those limitations.
  • Campus Resources: This section provides a brief overview of campus resources and the various offices that house those resources.
  • Internships: Every college and university offers internships to its students. This sections highlights why you should and how you can find a valuable internship experience. 
  • Discover WNY and Planning a Visit provided a variety of resources for parents and students interested in what WNY has to offer.  

Good luck to you and your child!