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Chief Academic Officers (CAO)

The Chief Academic Officers (CAO) group consists principally of Provosts and Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs.  Over the past year, the CAO group has formalized its governance structure, drafted bylaws, and has been engaged in a number of strategic initiatives of the WNY Consortium of Higher Education, including but not limited to participating on the Steering Committee that launched the WNY College Connection initiative. 

Roster, Mission, Vision & Meetings

CAO Announcements

Sources of Additional Information

  • There are myriad peer reviewed journals and other publications that related to higher education. The Higher Education Resource Hub has an excellent list of them, as well as links to archives of college and university information, the ASHE/AERA higher education syllabus project, Higher Education program information, and much more. 
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education Is the weekly newspaper of Higher Education, and the primary source for innovation, current trends, and issues related to higher education.