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Community Outreach Group


Group Members

Mitchell Alegre, Niagara University  - Strategic Planning

Ramone Alexander, University at Buffalo

Patricia Duggan, Private Practice

Elizabeth Everett, Sheridan Medical Group

Donna Phillips, Niagara University

Steven Schwartz, University at Buffalo

Elizabeth Walsh, University at Buffalo

Kristin Napora, Dietitian/Nutritionist/Personal Trainer - Strategic Planning, Recorder & Contact person: [email protected] 

Focus Areas

1. Social Justice Application

2. Value of Being as well as Doing

3. Accessible and Inclusive by Design

Sub Areas

  • Inclusivity messaging to different audiences and leaders
  • Connecting across institutions
  • Outreach to non-academic community
  • Contribute to other mindfulness groups/efforts
  • Easeful access to information
  • Help all to experience calmness
  • Help apply mindfulness to enhance resilience in WNY community
  • Help others apply mindfulness to discernment practices
  • Community engagement