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Value of Going to College


A college degree can afford for an all-around better life for you- both financially and personally. It is absolutely worth the investment. The benefits of going to college include career & economic benefits, social & emotional benefits, and health & quality of life benefits. Explore the facts and links below to learn more about the value of going to college. 


Higher Income

·     The single most important factor in determining your income is education. You can earn $800,000 to $1,000,000 more with a bachelor's degree than someone without a degree.


Job Security & Satisfaction

·     If you have a college degree, you are likely to experience greater job satisfaction. Of those with a bachelor's degree, 51% report being very satisfied with their job. In addition, those with a bachelor's degree have lower unemployment rates and are more likely to find new jobs while unemployed.


Social & Emotional Benefits

·     If you have a college degree, you will experience greater social and emotional benefits including higher social self confidence, more understanding towards others, more effective leadership skills, greater marital satisfaction, and higher levels of personal happiness.


Health & Quality of Life

·     As a college grad, you have a greater chance of living a longer and healthier life due to your ability to afford comprehensive health insurance. You will also have more leisure time and frequent vacations. Furthermore, your children will enjoy a higher quality of life as well.


The Brain

·       According to Frances Jensen in The Teenage Brain, the final areas of your brain development occur in the frontal lobe where complex reasoning, emotional intelligence, and control are developed.  This development continues through your college years, making the college experience critical to attaining higher order skills.


Choosing to forgo a college education will have lifelong impacts. You can gain lasting benefits from choosing to go to college!