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Active Learning and Listening

Active Learning encompasses a host of habits that are connected to independently engaging your surroundings including but not limited to listening; observing; taking risks (going above and beyond); engaging others; volunteering; shadowing; reading; attending seminars; researching; professional associations; etc. Essentially active learning is centered on you and not on anyone else including your teachers or professors. It is acknowledgement that you own your own learning and most importantly, it is driven by passion that will continue to grow the more active you become.  

Active Learning

  • Project Based Learning shares information on how to use creative, innovative, effective, and enjoyable ways to learn! The Resources section provides information to read, watch, interact and implement PBL.

  • The Project Approach illustrates the creation of educational opportunities for children to experience in-depth understanding of complex issues, including making choices and decisions, while fostering positive self esteem and a sense of purpose!





Active Listening