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welcome parents to WNY College Connection!

Parenting and supporting a college student can be filled with joy as well as challenges.  This section is intended to help you navigate your student's transition from high school to college.  It is also intended to give you some resources you may welcome along the way. It is written "in general" so information will be more or less relevant depending on your family circumstances and which institution your son or daughter has chosen to attend.   Even though there is academic work to accomplish for your student to receive an undergraduate diploma, getting there is all about relationships-yours, theirs, and the ones at the college or university. 

be sure to check out:

  • College Parents: This section will give you a wealth of information on parenting your child during the college years.
  • WNY Colleges: A list of all 21 WNY Institutions linking directly to their websites.  
  • College Success: It's not enough to attend class and earn a strong Grade Point Average.  This section will provide you with insight on what your child needs to do during each of their four years of college!  Take a look and make sure they do too!
  • Admissions and Financial Aid: These two tabs will link you to easy-to-understand information on the application process and financing your child's education.
  • Disability Services: Information for students with disabilities and direct links to college disability offices.
  • Internships: Every college student should have minimally 3 or more internships over their college career.  This section will help facilitate that.
  • Discover WNY: Even if you are from this area, chances are there are new adventures that your child can participate in.  Remember, a student engaged in their community is more likely to graduate and be better prepared upon graduation.  Whether it's sports and entertainment or cultural and service opportunities, there is a WNY waiting to be discovered! 
  • Planning a Visit: This tab will link you to all of the resources you need to plan a visit to Western New York!

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 WNY College Connection would like to thank Dr. Richanne C. Mankey for contributing to this web site by authoring our College Parents section.