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Additional Scholarship Websites

  1. Intel Science Talent Search
  2. Broke Scholars Scholarships
  3. National Merit Scholarships
  4. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  5. Paralegal Scholarships
  6. Journalism Scholarships
  7. Women in Computer Science Scholarships
  8. Siemens Foundation Competition
  9. International Students Scholarships & Aid Help
  10. Guaranteed Scholarships
  11. Hope Scholarships and Lifetime Learning Credits
  12. Student Inventors Scholarships
  13. Decca Scholarships
  14. Ayn Rand Institute
  15. The GoodCall Scholarship Search Engine
  16. College-Bound High School Seniors - Scholarships
  17. AFROTC High School Scholarships
  18. The Elks National Foundation Scholarships
  19. Art Deadlines and Scholarships
  20. Marine Corps Scholarships
  21. National Scholarships at All Levels
  22. Burger King Scholars (Annual Awards)
  23. Ambassadorial Scholarships
  24. Baptist Scholarships
  25. Methodist Scholarships
  26. Discover Card Tribute Award Scholarships
  27. New York State Scholarships for Academic Excellence
  28. Scholarship Research Center: US NEWS
  29. Pacific Northwest Scholarship Guide Online
  30. College Net Scholarship Search
  31. National Federation of the Blind Scholarships
  32. Astronaut Scholarship Foundation
  33. ELA Foundation Scholarships
  34. Third Wave Foundation Scholarships
  35. Super College Scholarships
  36. Scholarship Database (Alphabetical Listing)
  37. The Roothbert Fund Scholarships
  38. Federal Scholarships and Aid
  39. Art and Writing Awards
  40. Wells Fargo Scholarships
  41. Online College Scholarships
  42. Engineering School Scholarships
  43. Orphan Foundation of America
  44. September 11th Scholarship Funds
  45. American Fire Sprinkler Scholarship Contest
  46. Mensa Scholarship Essay Scholarship
  47. Chess Scholarships
  48. Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund (Activist)
  49. Federal Student Aid Portal
  50. Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarships
  51. Fridell Memorial Scholarship (Dale E.)
  52. Alger Association Scholarships (Horatio)
  53. Alphabetical Index to Scholarships and Aid
  54. Union Plus Scholarship Database
  55. Careers and Colleges
  56. Art School Scholarships
  57. Bowling Scholarships
  58. Fellowship Database (Graduate)
  59. Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf
  60. National Federation of Music Clubs
  61. War Memorial Fund
  62. Civil Air Patrol Scholarships
  63. AXA Achievement Scholarship
  64. Federal Employee Education Fund
  65. Prudential Spirit of Community Award
  66. Undesignated Scholarships (Engineering)
  67. Wal Mart Community Scholarship
  68. Library Scholarships
  69. Jewish Scholarships
  70. Scholarship Opportunities (graduate)
  71. League Foundation: Alternative Lifestyles Scholarships
  72. Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship
  73. Coca-Cola Scholars Program
  74. Business Management Scholarships
  75. Society of Women Engineers
  76. Green Home Improvement Scholarship
  77. DIY Home Repair Scholarship
  78. American Dental Education Association Scholarships
  79. Best Medical Assistant Programs Scholarship
  80. American Psychological Association Scholarships, Grants and Awards
  81. Educator Lab Scholarship Search Tool
  82. The Expert Institute
  83. Reservation Counter Scholarship 
  84. The Sleeklens Academic Scholarship Program

Other Options:

  • Check with high school guidance office, county offices, libraries.
  • Local Rotary, Elks, Lions Clubs.
  • Community organizations to which student &/or family members belong.
  • National organizations & corporations.
  • Banks and Credit Unions.
  • Parents' Networks, ie. Employers; religious, fraternal, or community organizations.
  • Alumni Associations at schools student's parents attended.