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Our Mission:
The Western New York Association of College Career Centers, WNYACCC, Inc. provides its members with a forum for support, collaboration and professional development; and partners with employers and community organizations to connect students at its member colleges with employment and professional growth opportunities. WNYACCC, Inc. actively seeks to create greater vibrancy and prosperity for Western New York. 

Recruiting Services:
Through our College Employment Connection (CEC), employers are able to post internship, co-op, part-time, temporary and full-time job opportunities. Employers must first register with our organization by submitting accurate and up-to-date information regarding their organization, to include: employer name, address, website, phone number, relevant employee contact information, etc. This information is used to determine the legitimacy of the organization and its relevance to our stakeholders, mainly, students enrolled at our member colleges. 

WNYACCC, Inc. reserves the right to reject a registration from any employer that falls outside of our mission or is not in the best interests of our stakeholders.

Information Access:
Our Executive Board members will have access to employer registration information through a secure, password-protected database where it will be stored until the employer wishes to remove it or it becomes irrelevant, whichever comes first. Our members may occasionally reach out to registered employers to ask for updates to contact information, clarification on postings or to invite participation in our events. 

Students and member institutions (as determined by the employer during the posting process) will have access to the job posting information entered by the employer on the CEC posting form itself and may apply as directed by the employer.

CEC Parameters:
Private residences seeking babysitters, nanny or in-home care are not considered as employers by WNYACCC, Inc. and will not be permitted to use our CEC services. Some of our member institutions may also have exclusionary policies regarding in-home businesses.

All employers posting through our CEC service are expected to adhere to current U.S. Department of Labor standards and practices.